How To Use Iron On Transfer Paper

How to Use Iron on Transfer Paper and Avoid Mistakes | PunchDigitizing

Iron On Transfer Paper is referred to as ‘T-shirt paper’ because it is sometimes used on fabrics to transfer images, text or both. Applications are not limited to T-shirts and can use the paper on cotton bags, aprons, tablecloths, pillowcases, and hard surfaces such as wood. We have put together this useful guide that summarizes some of the details on the topic if you are looking for data on how to use iron on transfer paper.

How to use iron on transfer paper?

You first have to pick a t-shirt that you want to customize. You can use to build any design because it’s a FREE and super easy to use photo editor. You may need to “flip” it, once you have built your design using photo editor or printer settings. First, you will need a special paper for fabric transfer. In the paper tray, put the transfer paper and print. Cut the picture out, but be sure to maintain small margins with rounded edges around the picture.

On a cotton setting, turn your iron and let it heat. On the surface that you are going to use, put a pillowcase and iron out any wrinkles. On top of the pillowcase lay down the garment and iron it to remove wrinkles as well.

Begin ironing and applying pressure after place the transfer paper on the garment face down. Iron for 20 Sec up and down, and 20 Sec side-by-side and repeat for at least 3 minutes. Make sure to focus on the edges. Let the backrest of the paper cool for two minutes and begin to peel from the transfer corner.

Peel slowly and without effort. If the picture starts lifting, that means that you did not apply enough pressure. Re-iron the edges and work on them. That’s it.

Avoid common mistakes

Mistakes are irritating when using iron on transfer paper and can be costly. The most prominent errors to prevent are:

  • Printing on the non coated side of the sheet
  • Forget to revers the image
  • Using an iron which is not hot enough
  • Ironing the text or image on an uneven or not solid surface
  • While ironing not applying enough pressure
  • Not ironing for long time

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