How to Vectorize an Image

How to Vectorize an Image Online? | PunchDigitizing

Vector and raster graphics are two distinct types of images, although the naked eye does not always differentiate them. Vector images are geometric, x- and y-axis-based computer graphics, so they can be scaled up or down for the print, web, or graphic design content use. Raster graphics, or bitmaps, are generated on a pixel grid, and when scaled to a larger size, they are not considered as sharp. By tracing the image and making a scalable vector version, you can vectorize an image or a photograph.

Vector images are path-based mathematical equations that allow infinite resizing without image quality degradation or, to put it simply, without pixelation or jagged edges, the image remains smooth.

These vary from Raster or Bitmap images that are resolution-dependent and consist of pixels. This means that enlarging the image would increase the pixels’ size, with jagged lines and edges making the image appear grainy or blotchy.

How to vectorize an image?

‘Vectorizing’ is the conversion of bitmap or raster graphics to vector art, which can achieve in various ways. There are programs like Adobe Illustrator that can use to transform bitmap images into vector images automatically.

The other way to convert is by using a procedure called tracing. You can import the image into a vector design program (such as Adobe Illustrator) and use paths to draw the lines and elements you want to replicate, unlike using tracing paper to construct an illustration from a picture.

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