Personalized Embroidered Patches for Jackets

Add a personal or professional touch to your jackets with our personalized
embroidered patches. Our expertly crafted patches are ideal for branding or unique personal style. Transform your apparel into fashion statement.

Embroidered Patches for jackets


Check out our extensive options for embroidery patches, each patch can be designed to give your jacket look a unique, custom touch for both your business and personal use. Why wait? Click on the button below and customize your own jacket patch.

Embroidered Patches for Motorcycle Jackets

Why Choose our Motorcycle Jacket Patches?

  • Custom Designs: Bring your club’s emblem or personal design to life with precision and vibrant colors.
  • Durability: Our embroidery shirt patches are made to withstand the rigors of the road, enduring all weather conditions without losing their appeal.
  • Easy Application: Each patch is designed for quick sewing or ironing onto your jacket, so you can sport your new look in no time.

Types and Uses Of Embroidery Jacket Patches:

  • Club Logos: Showcase your membership and club identity.
  • Event Commemoration: Remember special rides or gatherings with a unique patch.
  • Personal Expression: Display your own artistic designs or slogans.
Embroidered Patches for jackets

Premium Embroidery Jacket Patches Made in the USA

All stages of our process, from design and digitization to the creation of custom biker patches and rockers. We focus on detail and craftsmanship for each embroidered jackets patch which is hand-finished to perfection.

We work closely with clients to select the ideal thread colors and materials for their projects, ensuring durability and longevity. Our patches feature heat seal backing, are hand cut, and have heat-fused edges for enhanced durability.

Large Embroidered Patches for Jackets

Embroidered Patches for jackets

Go for Large Jackets Patches

  • Visibility and Impact: Make a bold statement with large patches that catch the eye.
  • Customizable Shapes and Sizes: Whether you need a large circle, rectangle, or custom shape, we can accommodate.
  • High-Quality Materials: We use top-grade thread and backing material to ensure your patches last as long as your jackets do.

Types and Uses:

  • Fashion Statements: Transform an ordinary jacket into a piece of art.
  • Brand Promotion: Spread the word about your brand or business with a large, noticeable patch.
  • Group Identity: Unify a team or group with a common emblem.

Bring your Jackets to Live Ideas to Life with our Expert Embroidery Patch Services

Get top-notch quality and speedy service, ensuring your embroidery projects turn out just the way you envision. Step beyond the ordinary and make your creative ideas come to life with our experts.

Boost your Brand, Swag, or Squad Vibe with Some Stunning Jacket Back Logo

Jackets were a need in cold climatic areas, but today, it’s become a symbol of fashion. A jacket gives you a stylish look, and patches enhance the style. Bomber jacket not only makes you feel warm but also provides a modern touch to your personality. The Denim jacket looks impressive with embroidered patches. Whereas, chenille elaborate applique patches add a fresh look to your old jacket. And when it comes to sport, the tweed jacket with custom elbow patches look smart. Customized patches for Military and army also represent the pride and designation on the jacket.

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Reach Out to Punch Digitizing Today

We specialize in Embroidery Patches for Jackets and are ready to assist with any design or query you might have. Need a quote or just curious about our services? Contact us now. Let’s start crafting your custom embroidery project today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply upload your design through our website’s submission form or email it to us directly. We accept all common file formats. If you’re not sure about your design, our team is here to help refine it and make sure it’s perfect for embroidery.

Our patches can be applied to almost any type of jacket, including leather, denim, and textile. Each patch is crafted to ensure it adheres well and maintains its integrity, no matter the material.

Absolutely! We specialize in bulk orders and can handle large quantities with the same attention to detail and quality as individual orders. Contact us for special pricing on bulk orders.

Sewn-on patches can be removed with careful seam cutting and can be re-sewn onto another garment. Iron-on patches might not be reusable once they’ve been adhered and removed, as the adhesive can lose its strength.

Ans: Absolutely! You can submit your own artwork, or our design team can help create a unique patch based on your ideas and specifications. Just reach out with your design requirements, and we’ll guide you through the process.

Ans: Our patches can be sewn on, ironed on, or attached with a hook-and-loop system, depending on your preference. Each order comes with instructions on how to securely attach your patches to ensure they last as long as your jacket does.

We offer a wide range of embroidery patches, including custom designs, corporate logos, team emblems, and artistic motifs. Our patches can be made in various sizes and shapes to fit your specific requirements.

Ans: For custom designs, we accept artwork in various file formats including JPG, PNG, SVG, and PDF. High-resolution images are preferred to ensure the finest quality of embroidery on your patches.

Yes, sewn-on patches generally offer more durability and are ideal for garments that undergo frequent washing or heavy wear. Iron-on patches provide a good hold but may loosen over time with heavy use or frequent washing. We can recommend the best option based on how you plan to use the patch.

Embroidery patches adhere best to materials like cotton, polyester, and blends. However, materials like nylon, leather, and waterproof fabrics may require special adhesives or sewing for secure attachment. Please let us know the type of material you plan to use the patch on, and we can advise the best attachment method.

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