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You must have an acquaintance with embroidery digitizing software, whether you are a professional digitizer or a novice who likes making designs. Digitizing is no different, unlike any design area. The digitizing method has its peculiarities. Designing and demonstrating is one of the ways of digitizing. We have recently produced designs using the conventional form – the technique of hand embroidery. The latest use of embroidery machines and software has turned this industry’s tables around.

What is Embroidery Software

The patterns are easily fed through free and paid embroidery software to create designs, provided for the impeccable finish into sewing machines. Machine embroidery with free or paid digitization of software has a pool of design patterns. Additionally, in the pattern you choose, the embroidery stitching tool has needles to stitch.

Free embroidery software enables objects, lines, letters and other embroidery templates from a vector drawing to be added. The digitizing software for photo embroidery allows all sorts of stitches to be covered, from cross-stitches, hand-woven embroidery to machine designs.

This software would be useful for you in both situations, whether you are operating a small business or have a wide network of customers to whom you provide embroidery services. In this post, we will talk about the best free embroidery digitizing software.

5 Best Free Embroidery Digitizing Software

So now we’re acquainted with what we’re looking for, let’s go through a detailed review of some of the free embroidery digitizing software in 2021.


The Basic Embird software allows you to change embroidery design sizes, split designs to allow large designs to be stitched into smaller hoops, edited, displayed, printed and converted. It operates in two different modes: Embird Editor and Embird Manager. It is considered cheap but user-friendly. The best thing about it is that it’s a modular suite of software, which means you just need to buy the pieces of the software you need.

So this leaves you time and room to expand your company and you can buy any additional plugins as per your needs later on. While it takes some time to instal the installation process and becomes a pain to use without any tutorials.

2. DRAWings PRO X

DRAWings is an embroidery software suitable for graphic design, embroidery and printing on textiles and screens. The app works well as an embroidery software for MAC OS as well as Windows 7, 8 and 10, with excellent features and recent service packs enabled. Not only this, the embroidery tool makes it possible to craft with cuts and stencils.

The other facilities that its users provide are computerized quilting and fabric painting. To draw the area that you want to be cut, you can use this embroidery digitizing software cutting tool. Only assign it to the cutting process and let your embroidery machine process this information. To convert the embroidery machine to a cutting unit, use 4 cutting needles and the instruction manual so that the programme cuts the area you designed.

3. Hatch by Wilcom:

To get started, Hatch is a great digitizing programme. Hatch is fitted with tools to perform tasks such as auto digitizing, lettering, monogramming and applique to create fascinating embroidery designs. Hatch provides a free 30-day trial to get acquainted with the interface and functionality.

There’s nothing in it to be disappointed with. Hatch is a fantastic tool, and for the amount of value it is meant to impart, the 30-day free trial is still pretty sweet. Like Embird, with a minor difference, Hatch is also module driven. The difference is that, in the case of Embird, the modules here are wider than their precise single function scope.

In addition, in comparison to Embird, there is no limit to the 30-day trial. Hatch gives you unrestricted access to the app for thirty days. Without paying one cent, you can use it like a customer. For a free trial, the app can be downloaded here. As it starts downloading with a single click, you don’t even have to register to enjoy the free trial.

4. Sophiesew:

It is a relatively new digitizing software for basics that is enjoyable and reasonably easy to use. It’s fantastic news that they can spend their time in this because it is completely free for those looking to start out.

Apparently, their second version is about to be released, and before the second becomes functional, the first version is free to download. Various tutorials are available to explain its application.

5. EOS 3.0

EOS is another app that comes with nice features to use with. It is often used for creating or editing embroidery designs. EOS comes with a fantastic user-friendly interface, much like every other digitizing programme for embroidery. It helps users to quickly understand the tools and their surroundings. This program comes with a starting node which enables users to start filling the threads using mouse. Other tools increase the ability to enhance accuracy, such as ruler, zoom, scrollbar, etc. Thus, making the thorough layout simple.


Digitizing is a fascinating method. Lots of advanced digitizing software for embroidery used to transform basic artwork to a digital file. Such embroidery patterns are then stitched using an automated embroidery machine on the surface of the cloth.

It is of utmost importance for a digitized file to instruct an embroidery on stitching the desired design on the garment. Scan through to select some of the best digitizing software available on the embroidery market.

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