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People in business, brands and specially graphics designers convey information to the audience using design. The font is the crucial element in design and plays a vital role in sharing information and attracting more customers to design or business. The graphic designer creates the design that he wants to put on fabric before making embroidery on anything like a hat, shirt, trousers and sweaters. Mostly design created on Computer. The designer tries to use different font before getting to an appropriate font that fits his style. In this modern-day and time, we have compiled a list of some excellent free embroidery fonts best for designers.

Zigzag Fonts

The letters are generated using zigzags, just like the name. It is perfect for different designs and interesting thing is it is available for download.

Christmas Jumper Font

For Christmas and holiday designs, most designers typically struggle with font selection. But this font is ideal for all designs for cards and other items related to Christmas.

KBA Stitch in Time Font

This font looks like it has been stitched. You can change this font by changing programs, and the font can be downloaded.

DJB Monogram Font

Pretty popular are the DJB monogram fonts. it is beautiful and unique, due to this many designers use this font. Because of curly nature it brings a whole new level of attention and attraction to design

VTKS Font Embroidery

This font is not curly or twisted. It looks like a regular text but normally comes in block letters. The first letter has a different color from the other alphabets.


The embroidery font is made of little “x” linked to form each of the letters. Although zigzag fonts consist of zigzag fonts, these two fonts also share the similarity of making letters from anything.

Embroidery by Kingthings

This font is not so famous, but it’s unique and beautiful. Alphabets come with curves that can also be called caps. The font is made more distinctive by these caps and it is fitting to put embroidery designs on shirts.

Chubby Trail Font

Since it is downloadable and has a great look, many designers use chubby trail font. To shape alphabets, dots are beautifully and neatly connected.

PWBroderie Font

This is a cool, lovely, and exclusive font. Over and under the letters, it has dots, curves, and shapes. It is an apt font for template headings and topics.

Monsterfreak Font

This font looks terrifying and freaky, much like the word. The letter O has the face of a monster painted on it. For Halloween theme parties, this font is great for Halloween designs.

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