What Is a Digitizer?

What Is a Digitizer? | Types of Digitizer | PunchDigitizing

A digitizer is a machine that converts an analog object, image, or signal into a digital (i.e., computer-readable) format. The process of transforming information into a digital (i.e., computer-readable) form is digitization. The result represents an image, object, sound, signal, or document by generating a series of numbers that describe a discrete set of points or samples.

Examples of digitizers

One of the digitizer examples is a digital camera. Some other examples are:

1. Audio digitizer

Most computers have a microphone jack, where an analog microphone can be attached. A separate sound card processes the analog input (audio signal) on the monitor or by audio equipment on the motherboard itself. Code running on the machine can then use this data. Some audio digitizers are inexpensive peripherals, while others are small hand-held devices that provide the professional-quality conversion. Another audio digitizer in a smartphone is the microphone.

2. Tablet Computer

A tablet is a machine powered with a finger or a digital pen, which is a type of stylus. Typically, a tablet is bigger than a smartphone but smaller than a display for a device. Some tablets have a touch-sensitive screen, while others are peripheral devices with no screen that connects to a monitor.

By pressing the tablet, the user can paint, draw, write. The analog touch input is translated by software to lines or pressure-sensitive brush strokes in a script. To convert handwritten text to typewritten words, the program can also perform handwriting recognition. These tablets are commonly referred to as graphics tablets when dealing with graphics.

3. Accelerometer and gyroscope

Digitizers in smartphones and tablets may detect how quickly the device is moving (an accelerometer) as well as the angle at which it is kept (a gyroscope). Motion and angular rotation data is transformed into data that your apps can use in real-time.

A smartphone, for example, maybe held up to the sky and gain information about the location of stars and planets using a gyroscope. When taking a shot, the accelerometer eliminates motion blur, and it can also enable safety features if the unit is dropped.

4. Scanner

A scanner is a photographic device that gradually collects image data, usually stationary. A flatbed scanner takes a picture of a document or photograph. By moving a camera on the document.

A motion picture film scanner digitizes motion picture film frames by advancing the film one frame at a time, photographing the frames, and storing them as a digital image sequence. By scanning a laser over a printed barcode, a barcode scanner collects binary data.

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