What is Vector Art?

What is Vector Art? | History of Vector Art | PunchDigitizing

We find that when our customers begin the process of submitting designs for printing, there is confusion about the type of art files we need to receive from clients. It appears that the misunderstanding revolves around Vector graphics files. Many individuals who are not experienced graphic artists are unaware of what is vector art. Some people work as graphic designers who do not know what vector graphics are.

what is vector art?

Using vector illustration software programs like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, vector art is developed. Mathematical equations and geometric primitives are used in these applications. To create art that is clean, camera-ready, and without any loss of quality or fidelity can be scaled indefinitely.

One of the key reasons why Vector Art files are so useful to printers is scalability. Without any loss of consistency, the same art file can be used to replicate your concept on anything as small as a business card, or something as big as a billboard.

In comparison, using colorized pixels raster art is created. When you extend a raster file too much with pixel-based art, and the quality is lost, the edges look jagged. Resolution independence displays of vector art allow it to be used in a number of ways, from small drawings to large billboards.

The rise of vector images.

Vectors were some of the first forms of computer graphics, as the processing power required to generate raster images was too expensive. In the 1960s and ’70s, early computers used vector displays. video games like 1979’s Asteroids used vector graphics. Until the 1980s, this trend persisted, at which point most displays had shifted to raster graphics.

Vector files are a prerequisite of modern design due to the need for art that prints in various sizes and customizable web interfaces that correspond to different screen sizes. With the added benefit of versatility, they create simple, scalable images that make for exciting visual possibilities. Using vectors, modern typography is almost entirely created. A product for vector graphics is the text you’re looking at right now. The 3D modeling and computer graphics (CG) that we see in blockbuster superhero films are the direct outcome of vector art and illustration advances.

For promotional items, why is Vector Art required?

You may be wondering why we’re doing such a big deal with vector artwork. It’s a sleek alternative to other printing methods. If there is a vector format for your artwork (either .AI or .EPS), it helps you to increase or decrease the graphic size without losing the original image’s integrity. What this means is that we will be able to resize your image quickly without your promotional items appearing blurred and blurry.


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